My experience is focused at the intersection of design, construction, and technology. Specifically, how to eliminate waste in project delivery by translating innovation to the person on the ladder. How to lower the cost.

I graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Architecture from Georgia Tech in 2007.

The Beck Group

I am fortunate to have started my career at The Beck Group. Beck is one of the largest fully integrated (Architecture and Construction) firms in the country. I was mentored by Fred Perpall, a design architect, and current CEO. At Beck, Fred set the trajectory of my career. I learned the model of a vertically integrated team using technology to reduce waste and lower the cost.

The article below summarizes the ideas that shaped my approach to project delivery.

Beyond IPD_The Integrated Enterprise.pdf
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Peter Beck

Beck started a technology business unit and I led the adoption of construction technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM), LiDAR scanning, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), and Lean Manufacturing. This led to several project innovations including self performing complex millwork and structural steel on adaptive reuse projects using a custom scan to CNC workflow.

Selected Beck Project Pictures


As the shift to 3D technology started to emerge in the Architecture, Engineering, and Constuction (AEC) industry, I started ANGL and built an organizational change model with software tools to manage the adoption. ANGL was a consulting and software company that worked with leading (AEC) companies across the country including Southland Industries, Hardin Construction, and BL Harbert to implement new technology.

We built the first organizational change model specifically for 3D technology and process adoption in the AEC. We also built a software application to help companies manage the complexities of organizational change.

Selected ANGL Project Pictures


In 2014 I had the opportunity to merge Golden Construction and Appleseed Architecture to form Creature, a fully integrated design and construction firm in Birmingham, AL.

At Creature I was responsible for the financial results of the company. This included merging two cultures with over 100 employees (architects and builders), designing a new business model, and successfully bringing it to market while continuing to deliver legacy work across the southeast.

We brought all of our labor in-house and focused on innovative delivery methods like modular construction and prefabrication to lower the cost of residential units.

Fair Haven Senior Living Modular
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Creature unlocked adaptive re-use sites throughout downtown Birmingham that had previously been out of reach due to the high cost of construction. This led to the integrated delivery of several multi-family adaptive reuse projects including The Denham Building and Founders Station . Also, we continued to deliver over 1,000 residential units in a traditional delivery model including projects like Uptown Fayetteville across the southeast.

Selected Creature Project Pictures

Vermont Exhale

After building a company while having 5 young kids we decided to transition to a more sustainable pace and take a few years to rejuvenate before jumping into another venture. We wanted to raise our kids outdoors in 4 seasons and we have a love for mountain biking so we fell in love with a property in northern Vermont. I live in Waterford with my wife Kasii and our five kids ages 5, 5, 7, 8, and 10.

We decided I would take a few years off, get a tractor, and wait until a problem worth solving emerged while spending time with my family.

In early 2022 that problem emerged when a neighbor approached me about a development opportunity at the local hospital. This plunged me into the housing crisis in Vermont and beyond so I decided to work on solutions. I am currently working on 3 fronts below.

Kingdom Bent, LLC

Kingdom Bent is a real estate development company I started to leverage my experience restoring historic buildings. We are focused on adaptive reuse of old buildings for housing and community use.

In the fall of 2022 I purchased the Lower Waterford Community Church built in 1859. The plan is to create a community space and potential housing.

Lower Waterford Community Church

In March 2023, I purchased the former Christian Science church in St Johnsbury built in 1889. The plan is to create much needed market rate housing.

Mass Kingdom

I started Mass Kingdom as a coalition to bring Mass Timber manufacturing to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Mass Timber is an emerging forest economy technology that has the potential to create generational change in the region.

The purpose of this coalition is to organize and focus resources on developing a mass timber mini mill that will create much needed manufacturing jobs, increase the value of local wood, and contribute to housing solutions.

For more information on Mass Kingdom visit the site below.

Mass Kingdom
Mass Timber manufacturing in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont


BentPack is a housing platform that uses mass timber to create beautiful, high performance housing, people can afford.

Focused on solving for labor, BentPack can be stick-built, prefabricated, or modular. High performance is not a separate feature, rather it is designed into the assembly.

BENTpack Housing Platform
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