Mass Kingdom exists to bring Mass Timber manufacturing to the Northeast Kingdom (NEK) of Vermont to lower the cost of rural housing and start an economic flywheel for the region.

Economic Flywheel

The emergence of Mass Timber technology has created a generational opportunity for rural areas like the NEK to leverage local resources and create the next generation of housing...thus creating jobs and industry.

Mass Kingdom is a coalition of designers, builders, timber enthusiasts, planet lovers, NEK supporters, subject matter experts, and community members that are making this vision a reality.

This isn't just a dream, we are actively working and deploying resources on 4 fronts:

  1. Build a coalition of support
  2. Locate manufacturing site and facility (looking in VT and NH)
  3. Design of next-generation prefabricated housing (engineers engaged)
  4. Activate projects (3 projects in the pipeline)

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Are you interested in housing or mass timber and want to get involved? We need help. If you can contribute, let's have a conversation. Shoot us a message at josh@masskingdom.org